More than anything, I wish to create a memorable experience for both of us and to be an excellent companion for you. I find that I respond best to those who are thoughtful, kind, and appreciative. When I am in good company, I become attentive, affectionate, and my personality really shines through. The list below will help to ensure you have done everything you need in order to make me feel comfortable.


Much of this goes without saying but clarity is the first step to a fulfilling relationship!


    • Please arrive on time. Should you be running late, please let me know.


    • Please handle the donation at the commencement of our time together. A greeting card or gift bag makes things more discreet. If you are visiting with me, discreetly place the donation in an obvious location.


    • Please do not overstay your time. Be a gentleman and do not wait for me to tell you your time is up. If you would like to extend our time together, please ask if I can accommodate you and be prepared to take care of any additional time.


    • Please NEVER discuss money or services during our conversation either in person, e-mail or on the phone. I am very strict in this regard. If you try to engage in any unsafe conversation during our time together, I will gently move you off-topic. If it comes up again, I will have no choice but to end our time together.


    • Personal hygiene is extremely important! I take great pains to make sure that I am what any discerning gentleman would expect to find, from my hair to my toes. Please do the same for me and arrive freshly showered and shaven, impeccably well-groomed and with fresh breath. If you are visiting with me in the middle of the day or after a long day of work, please use my beautiful shower and luxury towels to freshen up.


    • Please be a gentleman at all times and respect any boundaries I may have.


    • While we may get caught up in the experience and enjoyment of each other's company, it is important to remember that our relationship must remain professional.


    • I am as open-minded as the next gal but I prefer to keep smoking and drugs out of our time together. I also realize that imbibing can be fun and even help if you are nervous, but for our time together is best for you to keep a clear head, so be sure not to overdo it.